MIPJUNIOR Screenings Library

In 2022, the MIPJUNIOR Screenings Library will be integrated into the digital platform

Prepare your MIPJUNIOR through the OneMIP digital platform

All registered MIPJUNIOR participants have a free OneMIP trial subscription until November 2022. This includes:

Access to the entire database of all MIP-registered contacts
Networking opportunities (search & messaging)
Company & OneMIP members pages
Unveiling of content to MIP buyers through a separate content library dedicated to kids programmes & projects
MIP event show planner (participants & sessions)
MIP conference sessions catch-ups
MIP newsletters

How does it work for buyers and commissioners?

How does it work for producers and distributors?

Producers & distributors journey through the Screenings Library

Step 1 - From 20th July

Purchase your content package and receive your activation email for the MIPJUNIOR platform within 48 hours. You can access the platform with the same login & password as for OneMIP.

Step 2 - July to Sept

Upload your projects and/or programmes to the platform by 30 September. In early October, we will migrate your content to the MEDIAFELLOWS platform, allowing you time to review your content migration.

Step 3 - 15-16 Oct

As buyers screen your projects and/or programmes, you receive your lead reports. This allows you to schedule meetings with buyers during MIPJUNIOR and, MIPCOM, as well as after both events.

Step 3 - End of Nov

At the end of November, your projects and/or programmes are added to the OneMIP digital platform to reach a wider audience.

Promote your content at MIPJUNIOR

Contact your sales representatives and select your package to showcase your projects and/or programmes on the MIPJUNIOR Screenings Library.



1 project looking for financing
or co-production partners



1 completed programme available
for sale

Pack Seller Visitors


3 completed programmes
+ 1 project





Register for MIPJUNIOR 2022


The International Kids Screenings & Co-Production Market


15-16 October 2022

JW Marriott, Cannes, France

Buyers & commissioners journey through the Screenings Library

Step 1 - From July

Browse through the MIPJUNIOR Screenings Library and prepare your playlist that you only are able to screen on-site at MIPJUNIOR.

Step 2 - From October

During MIPJUNIOR, you can screen your playlist on-site. You can then schedule meetings with sellers during MIPJUNIOR and, MIPCOM, as well as after both events.

Step 3 - until November 10

As of 24 October, the platform reopens for replays. Buyers are available to screen content from anywhere (without any restrictions).