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MIPJunior is the largest international digital screenings venue for kids content, with over 600 buyers attending to screen 1,400 kids programmes, projects and IPs.
Access full details on this year top screened programmes and top viewed projects as well as key information on the latest in kids programming.

│ TOP 10 viewed projects

2019 most viewed projects in the Screenings Library

DQ Entertainment International

Scrambled is an Egg-citing 3D CGI comedy for 6-9 year olds that explores the adventures of Eggy and friends in a world inside a refrigerator, where living breakfast creatures have their own awesome universe! The Squad of misfits try to lead a normal pre-teen life, but alas! They inevitably get entangled in schemes perpetuated by the crazy tyrant from the deep freeze- King Crackor, and must find a way to save Refrigetora and restore normalcy!

Sixteen South Limited

A brand new comedy series for preschoolers, ODO is a little owl who doesn’t think small. Odo doesn’t mind being little, he’s very comfortable being himself. What Odo does mind, however, is the way he’s treated for being so little. When Odo is told that he’s too small, or a task is only for bigger birds, he has the overwhelming urge to prove that he is just as capable as any bigger bird. The trouble is, Odo’s ambitions far outweigh his ability so chaos is never ever very far away.

Otto's Tall Tales
Creative Conspiracy N.V.

OttO’s Tall Tales is a celebration of the unique and wonderful imagination of a child. OttO’s real world home transforms into a fantastic forest landscape where he lives big adventures with his imaginary friends: Francis (a teddy bear), Rose (a perfume bottle), Elly (a bathroom radio), Edward (a toilet roll holder), Maria and Alfred (bookends) and the Gnomes (colour felt pens). Everyday situations - normal through his parent’s eyes - trigger Otto’s imagination. It helps him understand situations in real life and it makes growing up an adventure.

Pop Paper City
Aardman Animations

Pop Paper City is a vibrant 3D preschool craft series with adventure. The series follows a group of paper characters as they find new ways to have fun together by creating new parts of their stunning paper world. Pop Paper City encourages doing as well as viewing, teaching children to craft along with the characters; a liveaction human hand interacts with the 3D environment, assisting the characters with the crafting process. Through its excitement-filled adventures, Pop Paper City will inspire children everywhere to have fun with crafts.

│ TOP 30 screened programmes

2019 most screened programmes in the Screenings Library

100% Wolf - Legend of the moonstone
Studio100 Media GMBH

Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves, was in shock when on his 13th birthday his first «warfing» went awry, turning him into a ferocious. poodle. Enrolled in the mysterious Howlington Academy, Freddy is going to try to prove that despite his appearance, he still has the heart of a werewolf!

Pikwik Pack
Guru Studio

Pikwik Pack follows four adorable animals, as they deliver magical packages filled with love to the kind citizens of Pikwik. Every day, a new wrapped up surprise arrives with an address on the tag. The team might face rough rapids, stormy skies, or a foggy forest, but when they work together, they always deliver!

Mystery Lane
Hari International

Strange things are going on in London. And there is only one animal capable of confronting enigmas of this scale: a guinea-pig named Clever, a detective by trade - who is endowed with a prodigious sense of observation and logical deduction. The dangers to overcome are equal to the extraordinary cases that Clever and Bro must confront.

Agent Jon le Bon
Zodiak Kids

Saving the world? Now that’s a challenge only the Agency can take over! Based on the popular comics, this action packed new series takes fighting super villains to a whole new level. From grinding their teeth on a gigantic solar lens aimed at melting the polar caps, to stopping a massive army of deadly robots, super agent Jon Le Bon and his legendary teammates race against the clock to take down the bad guys, overcoming impossible odds as they rid the planet of evildoers.

How does it work for producers and distributors?

How does it work for buyers and commissioners?

│ How does it work for buyers & commissioners?


The MIPJunior Screenings Library 2019 is still open with your 2019 login. Keep on discovering the kids’ content from all around the world directly from your work office and contact right holders you might have missed while in Cannes.

Step 1

During the show

Screen content during the weekend and make business deals with producers & distributors at MIPCOM.

Access screenings reports to keep track of your screening activity and contact right holders.

Step 2

After the show

The Screenings Library is still available after the show! Catch-up made easy!

│ Key dates

10-11 October 2020: Discover and screen content in the Screenings Library.

End October 2020: Opening of the online Screenings Library to catch up after the show

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│ How does it work for producers and distributors?


The MIPJunior Content submission platform will open next July.

Keep on logging in, access with your 2019 password and download detailed activity reports, including the possibility to see and contact those who screened your content.

Step 1

Before the show

Throughout the registration process, purchase content credits and upload your content to the Content submission platform.

Step 2

During the show

During the show, see how your content perform.
Log in to the Screenings Library, access usage statistics and identify new business and meeting opportunities with buyers & commissioners.

Step 3

After the show

The Screenings Library is available online for buyers & commissioners for 9 months after the show.
Follow up, continue doing business and check your screening reports regularly to identify new leads.

│ Key dates

July 2020: Opening of the Content submission platform

10 September 2020: Deadline for content listing in the Print Catalogue
Deadline for submitting your projects to pitching & matchmaking sessions

30 September 2020: Final deadline to submit content and videos in the Content submission platform

│ Practical info

Download the Technical specifications for submitting your content in the dedicated platform.

Register and purchase your credits through the online accreditation platform.

After you register, you will still be able to purchase any additional programme credits for the Screenings Library. Click through the upsell link included in your confirmation e-mail or by e-mailing Carole Ollerdissen.

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