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12-16 October 2020

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How does it work for producers and distributors?

How does it work for buyers and commissioners?

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MIPJunior is the largest international digital screenings venue for kids content, with 600+ buyers attending to screen 1,300 kids programmes, projects and IPs.
Access full details on this year top screened programmes and top viewed projects as well as key information on the latest in kids programming.

2020 most viewed projects in the Screenings Library

Secret Room

Badanamu Zoo
Imira Entertainment SL

2 Eyes Monster
Neon Creation Inc.

Little Fox

Discover the most viewed projects of the MIPJunior Screenings Library 2020

2020 most screened programmes in the Screenings Library

100% Wolf
Studio100 Media GMBH

16 Hudson
Big Bad Boo Studios, Inc.

Big Blue
Guru Studio

Jurassic World : Camp Cretaceous
NBC Universal International

Discover the most viewed programmes of the MIPJunior Screenings Library 2020

│ How does it work for buyers & commissioners?

The MIPJunior Screenings Library is now open!

→  Screen KIDS programmes, projects and IP

→  Access screenings reports

→  Identify new potential partners and business opportunities

Step 1

NEW! - Opening 5 October 2020

Screen content and make business deals with producers & distributors at MIPCOM.

Access screenings reports to keep track of your screening activity and contact right holders.

Step 2

After the event


The Screenings Library is still available until 1st March 2021!

Catch-up made easy!

│ How does it work for producers and distributors?

Step 1

Before the show

Throughout the registration process, purchase content credits and upload your content to the Content submission platform.

Step 2

During the show

During the show, see how your content perform.
Log in to the Screenings Library, access usage statistics and identify new business and meeting opportunities with buyers & commissioners.

Step 3

After the show

The Screenings Library is available online for buyers & commissioner after the show.
Follow up, continue doing business and check your screening reports regularly to identify new leads.