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18-20 October 2024
JW Marriott, Cannes, France


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Curious about the
MIPJUNIOR Pitch?            

The MIPJUNIOR Pitch KIDS/TWEENS (6-12) is an exceptional competition that showcases new Kids' TV projects with tremendous potential for commissioning and multi-platform extension. It welcomes creators and producers eager to collaborate on KIDS/TWEENS (6-12) projects with co-production partners. 

This remarkable platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to present new projects to the world's foremost commissioning editors, financiers, buyers, and distributors. 

Finalists will have the privilege to pitch their projects to a distinguished jury of international decision-makers.

Projects submitted must meet the following selection criteria:

✔ Entertainment content targeting KIDS/TWEENS (6-12) audiences (all genres)
✔ Creativity & Originality in storytelling techniques, characters, look, story and themes
✔ Worldwide appeal
✔ Potential for TV and multi-platform brand extension
✔ Potential for licensing & merchandising
✔ Early stage (0% to 25% financed) to In development (from 25% to 75% financed) projects
 Awareness about the importance of meaningful content for KIDS/TWEENS (Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Sustainability)

MIPJUNIOR Pitch Winner

The Adventures of Team Pom

Company: Wind Sun Sky Entertainment
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation

MIPJUNIOR Pitch Finalists


Company: Birdo
Country: Brazil
Genre: Animation
Synospsis: Plants can grow to be unbelievably tall, live for millenia and even feed on sunlight. But being a seed is tough! Birds peck at you, insects don’t take you seriously and adults treat you like a baby. And worse still, in the botanical world, growing up can take centuries! That’s why Flora is determined to learn every plant skill she can find, from growing thorns, to flying with the wind to floating on water.

And after she masters these skills, she will prove to everyone in the forest that a seed doesn’t need to grow up to take on any challenge and to be whoever she wishes to be! However, she will find that using plant skills is trickier than she anticipated. Who would have thought that blossoming a pretty flower could make you the target of overly attached bees? Or that growing spines is not a cool trick to show at crowded parties? With the help of her two best friends, Tapioca, a nerdy manioc that spends too much time underground and Windy, a dandelion who comes and goes with the wind, Flora will discover in each episode a new plant skill and learn that the most important of them is collaborating with all the living beings around her.

Andy wants to be Famous

Company: Cosmic Productions & France tv distribution
Country: France
Genre: Animation
Synospsis: In Bamville, the locals say there's nothing going on at all. Not so Andy and his friends, who are convinced that even the most mundane situation can turn out to be exceptional. Indeed, this seemingly ordinary town is the scene of some surprising events! And every day, Andy, the most optimistic boy in the world, Fizzi, who dreams of a great career in theater, and Poc, the video enthusiast and little Mac Gyver (only less experienced) share their adventures with their online community. 

Is there a monster living in the lake? Are all the hamsters in the neighborhood disappearing? Is the pickle factory packing more than just pickles? That's all it takes for Andy and his friends to discover the "real truth". Far away yet close at hand, their community of fans who follow them from the four corners of the globe on their "Turboboum" channel will be commenting live on their actions - for better or for worse! There's Kyoko, who knows nature like the back of her hand, Jörge, who loves animals, Awa, who's great at puzzles...and all the others! And because sometimes you just need to keep your strength up, there's Granny's fantastic squash pies!

Kidz on Climate

Company: KMTV
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Discovery / Education / Doc
Synospsis: While climate change affects everyone, those who have contributed the least to the crisis - children, those in poverty, and future generations - are the most affected. The likes of Greta Thunberg are making a stand, but what about younger, underserved children whose voices are often lost in the noise?

Kidz on Climate aims to make these voices heard by empowering children to go beyond the headlines and explore for themselves the changing world around them, through six groundbreaking 24-minute episodes. Supported by a team of award-winning broadcast journalists, 12 child reporters will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and platform to explore and report on the many impacts of climate change. Working in a television newsroom they will have to race against the clock, and each other, to get their story on-air. Along the way, each episode will deliver exciting community challenges, themed group chats and bold calls to action. Our cub reporters will be cast to represent a diverse range of backgrounds ensuring all content and storylines are inclusive, authentic, engaging and entertaining. The programme will also be sustainably made under the albert scheme.

Wild Skies

Company: Studio Meala
Country: Ireland
Genre: Animation
Synospsis: Welcome to Wild Skies Podunk - the worst performing airport in the Wild Skies chain. Shawn the fawn is the newest employee - and still a bit mystified as to why he’s here. He’s one of the highest scoring students to graduate from Wild Skies Academy, and now he’s at the least desirable posting in the company. To outsiders, Podunk is just some boring hub to get to better places. To those in the know, however, it’s a place full of surprises. 

Luckily, Shawn is the upbeat sort who’ll do his best to fit in with his misfit workmates and help make the airport a better functioning place. Good thing too, as the corporate bigwigs are considering shutting it down. Each episode will bring new exotic faces and new problems to solve. It could be a Posh Poodle’s high tech plane that suddenly has a mind of its own, or that time a seed from a foreign locale sprouts ivy that threatens to cover the entire terminal. And let’s not forget ‘bring your kid to work’ day - an airport might not be the ideal place for an adopted baby crocodile.  At its heart, Wild Skies is a workplace comedy revolving around a slightly dysfunctional family that always pulls together.

The Adventures of Team Pom

Company: Wind Sun Sky Entertainment
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation
Synospsis: The Adventures of Team Pom, from award-winning Filipina illustrator Isabel Roxas, brings to life the enchanting world of a misfit trio through captivating storytelling and vibrant artwork. In Shadyside, Queens – a bustling world full of hidden wonder and unexpected twists – Agnes, Ruby and Roberta form an unbreakable bond of friendship as the Borough’s worst synchronised swim team.

But what they lack in synchro prowess, they make up for with mystery-solving ability, and when a huge squid turns up in their pool, the lovable oddballs spring into action! Using their hearts, smarts and unconventional approach to guide them, they try to uncover the truth about the squid, and the mysterious “Steve.” Join Agnes, Roberta and Ruby on adventures in a city teeming with life, where each corner holds a new puzzle or daring escapade. The Adventures of Team Pom is more than just a book, video or game, it’s an invitation to play in a world where the power of curiosity and community turns every day into an unforgettable adventure.

Meet our Jury


VP, Development

BBC Studios (UK)

Yuanchang SUN

Director of International Co-production & IP Investment (Kids) 

Alibaba-Youku (China)


Executive Director, Content Acquisitions and Partnerships        

Disney Branded Television (US)


Commissioning Lead Kids Fiction

SUPER RTL Fernsehen GMBH (Germany)

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