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MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch

The MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch is a unique pitching competition highlighting new Kids & Tweens/Teens TV projects with the greatest potential for commissioning and roll-out across platforms.

Relevant for all creators and producers seeking financing for projects in development, the Project Pitch competition offers high-visibility in front of a jury of leading decision-makers from the global kids content Industry.

To be eligible Pitch must meet the following criterias:

Entertainment content targeting Kids or Tweens/Teens audiences (all genres)
Creativity & Originality in storytelling techniques, characters, look, story and themes
Worldwide appeal
Potential for TV and multi-platform brand extension
Potential for licensing & merchandising
Early stage to In development projects
Well written with a clear statement of the viability of the project
New and original concepts which have not been commissioned or released yet and for which the worldwide rights are still available.
✔ Early stage to In development projects

MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch - Finalists

Category Kids

Bad Bunny

Company Name: Big Bad Boo Studios Inc.

Country: Canada

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: In a tiny house at the edge of Central Park, Grandma Esther fosters rescue animals with her 13-year-old granddaughter, Jasmin. To keep them in shape, she sets up a new task every day where they compete for the chance to get the day's big treat: a kaleidoscope carrot and the soft bed next to Grandma. 

Newcomers Bunny (a retired mob boss) and Scott  (a young eager guinea pig) vie for the "favorite pet" position as Bunny outsmarts Scott and sneaks Jasmin on the town to do all the things she's ever wanted to do. This frustrates Scott to no end. 

Scott and Bunny never see eye to eye.

Ava Undercover

Company Name: Big Bad Boo Studios Inc.

Country: Canada

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: Six-and-a-half years old and just tall enough to see over the kitchen counter, Ava is a self-appointed Master Stuff Finder, going undercover to crack cases with a unique, low-to-the-ground kid perspective. 

Working out of her bedroom with her puppy Miss Marple, best pal Julien and an ad-hoc team of neighborhood kids, she sources her investigations from the Fulton Alley Community Board: Lost & Found, In-Search-Of, For-Sale, Free Items looking for new homes.

Every morning, Iranian-American Ava bursts out of bed, taming her big curls, then zipping through her chores so she can race down to the Community Board in search of her next case. Is it the mystery noise in Mr. Kwon's Dojo-turned-Letterboxes etc. or Julien's Moms' neon gnome looking for a new home? Is it a burrito bandit at Nino's Tex-Mex truck, or a flamenco musician in search of a dancer?

Using everyday pictures, text, and cultural clues, Ava and Julien solve the big "mystery", always remembering their 4 W's: "The Who, The What, The When, The Where"

Chefclub Adventures

Company Name: Somewhere Animation

Country: France

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: Aimed at boys and girls aged 5-7, the animated Chefclub Adventures is a fun celebration of all things food!

It follows the comedic adventures of the Chefclub; Chef Maurice and his family of foodie friends Lola the mouse, Carlton the cat, Colette the chicken and Elvis the pig. 

Our Chefclub friends explore the globe in their awesome Chef-mobile - which can transform into a plane, a boat, a rocket or even a submarine - discovering the exciting world of food all the way from field... to plate... to tummy!

While on their adventures, our friends - and the audience at home - will learn how to be a good friend and work together as a team, they will learn about the world, and, of course, they will learn all about food - growing it, collecting it, harvesting it, celebrating it, making it, cooking it, celebrating it and eating it! With more than a few spills and thrills along the way, Chefclub Adventures is going to cook up fun, laughter and excitement that is sure to have audiences coming back for seconds and more.

Still Life' at the Penguin Café

Company Name: 3 minutes West Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Live-Action

Pitch Summary: Prepare to enter another world… two naughty children chase a poor, injured animal. The creature leads them to the magical Penguin Café - where they are transported to a different reality. Through the portal of the café, the enigmatic Great Auk penguin – the café’s head waiter - takes the spoiled children on a voyage of discovery to strange and exotic lands, inhabited by talking, dancing animals. There, the children salsa with a Brazilian Woolly Monkey in a rainforest carnival; hoedown with a Texas Kangaroo Rat in the arid desert; help save a Cape Zebra from hunters; swim in an underwater-ballet with Hawksbill Sea Turtles; and more. These quirky, charming creatures have one thing in common: thanks to humans, they are in danger of extinction. Aided by the wise Great Auk, the children learn that we have to help our furry, feathered and scaly friends – before it’s too late. 

A magical, musical, Christmas family feature mixing live action, animation, music and dance. With multi-platform spin-off potential, based on a proven IP.

Camem & Bert's Food Truck

Company Name: MESE

Country: Republic of Korea

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: Camem and Bert are two cat siblings who run the cutest food truck in the world. They are assisted by their friends in the forest. Cats cook dishes for their forest friends and they often use the dishes to solve problems that happen in the forest with the help of Grandma's magic cookbook. Grandma's magic cookbook flips open by itself as they ask "What dish shall we make today?". The book always seems to know the perfect dish to cook. At the end everyone enjoys the dish happily! 

Category Tweens/Teens

Rorisang & The Gurlz

Company Name: Cabblow Studios (Pty) Ltd

Country: South Africa

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: KPOP superfan, Rorisang is on a quest to start an AfroPop band with her group of besties at her conservative all-girls high school, standing in their way is their backward choir mistress. Do they have what it takes to prove her wrong and reach their musical superstardom. Only their music will tell!!!


Company Name: Little Engine Moving Pictures

Country: Canada

Genre: Live-Action

Pitch Summary: What if you were a kid, in the Present day, and you discover a top-secret intergalactic league of extraterrestrials who want to recruit YOU for their Space cadet program? For 13-year old math whiz Maya Sun, engineering prodigy Juan Manuel Morales and wise-cracking gamer Dex Evans, saving the universe will soon be as important as juggling their schoolwork. Ever since she was a young child, Maya dreamed of following in her astronaut mom's footsteps and exploring Space. It isn't until Maya, Juan Manuel and Dex realize that the new kid at school, Velana (sent to assess their readiness for a new Space initiative called Starseeker), is an extra-curious extraterrestrial, that their lives change forever. As a motley team, they come to discover together how heroes are made; how each and every one of us has something to offer, and how the choices we make in life define who we are and who we become. Despite their vast differences, the Starseekers will learn - with fun and hijinks along the way - that bravery, kindness, compassion, humour and teamwork can help overcome any object they face in the far reaches of the galaxy or closer to home.


Company Name:

Country: Ukraine

Genre: Live-Action

Pitch Summary: Vika has endured her insignificant life for 15 years. The girl is infuriated by her mother, a schoolteacher who haunts Vika at home and school. She hates her younger brother, who was born to become a new incarnation of Satan. Vika also abhors her worthless small town in Eastern Ukraine, her school, and her offensive classmates. They don't admire her gothic dress style, her habit of saying "f**k off" in response to "hello", and her three-legged rat. Vika despises the world, and it reciprocates. Therefore, the girl decided not to burden the universe with her presence: she is going to commit suicide. Vika has been preparing for this solemn event for a long time, and the ceremony will be as dramatic as Vika likes. Vika will say goodbye to her life in her school in front of her classmates, teachers, and mother. And it will happen on February 24, when Vika will be 16. However, the planned "ceremony" is interrupted because the war begins in Ukraine on this day. With her mother and brother, Vika is forced to leave home and go to the Netherlands to find shelter. Paradoxically, the war literally saves the life of the girl who wants to end it. But does she REALLY wish to be saved? 

The Boy Who Cried miBot                                                                                                                                

Company Name: Blisstopia Productions

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Animation

Pitch Summary: The Boy Who Cried miBot is the story of young, neurodiverse boy, Eliot, who thinks he is a robot in a world where everyone owns a personal robot: so-called “miBots”. Set in a blissful future era, one thing this Utopia did not foresee was that the rise of humanoid robots would lead to a pandemic known as M.A.A.D. - "miBot Addiction & Attachment Disorder". Their solution: round up and dispose of all humanoid miBots and redesign new robots to look more machine-like. But Eliot, to the confusion and despair of his loved ones, is convinced he is a miBot and his journey becomes clear: find the 'Father' of miBot Programme to fix his faulty emotion settings so he can be a better servant to the long-suffering humans that surround him. Escaping with a band of broken miBots, Eliot journeys through the not-so-utopian world of "miLiberation", encountering Bandits, Poachers and Marshalls, all of whom share one task: dispose and disband of human-like miBots. But who - or what - is Eliot really and is there more to this Utopia than meets the miEye? 

Benjamin Ojo: Junior High private Eye

Company Name: Little Engine Moving Pictures

Country: Canada

Genre: Live-Action

Pitch Summary: A coming-of-age mystery series created by TikTok sensation Tope Babalola, BENJAMIN OJO follows the titular Ben, a brilliant but lonely 13-year-old with deduction and perception skills rivalling those of Sherlock Holmes. Lydia Park, the new girl at school, is an energetic and artistic student with an obsession with mystery novels. Ben takes a chance on friendship and strikes up a detective partnership with Lydia, and the two are launched into their first big case when they must clear the name of Autumn Academy Middle School's star athlete (and Ben's former best friend) Jeremy Pitt after he's framed for a mysterious and high-profile act of vandalism.

As the detective duo dives deeper into the case, and many of Autumn Academy's most prolific students are named suspects, Ben and Lydia soon realize the vandalism is just a drop in a much larger ocean of secrets that threaten to topple the school status quo, and as a result there are plenty of students willing to do whatever it takes to stop the investigation in its tracks to keep their own secrets buried.  And all the while the detectives must navigate the ups and downs of an infinitely more impossible task: surviving junior high!

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MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch - Jury members

Kids category

From left to right:

Moderation :
Sallyann Keizer, CEO, Sixth Sense Media, UK

Jury :                                                                                                                                              Brenda Bisner, CCO, Kidoodle.TV - Owned by A Parent Media Co Inc
Christopher Keenan, Sr. Vice President/Executive Producer, Mattel, Inc.
Julien Borde, Managing Director, Mediawan Kids&Family                                            Melissa Lim, Lead, Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Kids – Apac, Warnermedia Apac, Singapour

Tweens/Teens category

From left to right:

Moderation : 
Sallyann Keizer, CEO, Sixth Sense Media, UK

Jury :                                                                                                                                                              Sarah Muller, Head of Commissioning & Acquisitions, BBC
Amy Takahara, Director, Kids Co-productions & Acquisitions, Netflix.
Claire Heinrich, Deputy Director & Head of Acquisitions, Children's and Youth, France Televisions, France
Brandon Relph, CEO, Nile, UK                   

MIPJUNIOR Project Pitch 2021 - Winner

Princess Arabella

Company Name: Phanta Animation
Genre: Animation
Age Group: Pre-school
Format: 26 x 7 min
Project Status: Early stage (0 to 25% financed)
Country: Netherlands
Pitch Summary:  In the series PRINCESS ARABELLA, we follow the humoristic, creative, and emotional adventures of a brown-skinned princess and her friends and family. Living in a street where everybody is royal, and all the houses are castles and palaces, there are always things to do and discover. 

Each episode covers one day in Arabella's life with a new adventure. And although all the characters are kings, queens, princes and princesses, nothing human is strange to them. The same goes for Arabella.