MIPJunior Screenings Library

The world's largest digital library of kids TV programmes

  • MIPJunior is the largest international digital screenings venue for kids content, with over 600 buyers attending to screen 1,400 kids programmes, projects and IPs.
    MIPJunior - 12-13 October 2019, JW Marriott , Cannes, France

  • How does it work for producers and distributors?

    How does it work for buyers & commissioners?

  • How does it work for producers and distributors?

  • Register for MIPJunior - Two targeted days for your content to stand out before getting down to business at MIPCOM

    • Case 1: Your content is a completed programme and ready to be sold to key international buyers?
    • Case 2: Your content is still a project in “early stage”, “in development” or “in production” and you are looking for financing or partners?
    • Case 3: You have an existing Intellectual Property (IPs) in Publishing, Games or Apps and you wish to develop as a kids TV programme?

    MIPJunior is the place to be to give high visibility to your content.

    The Screenings Library is also the place to submit your projects to the MIPJunior Project Pitch & Matchmakings with Buyers & Commissioners.

  • STEP 1

    Before the show

    Step 1 distributors

    Make sure you have purchased content credits and upload here your content in the content submission platform so that buyers, commissioners & licensing professionals can discover it ahead of the show and playlist to screen.

    STEP 2

    During the show

    Step 2 distributors

    Check your screenings reports regularly to identify new business opportunities and meet with buyers & commissioners at MIPJunior & MIPCOM.

    STEP 3

    After the show

    Step 3 distributors

    The Screenings Library is available online for buyers & commissioners for 9 months after the show. Follow up, continue doing business and check your screening reports regularly to identify new leads.

  • Key dates

    4 July 2019: Opening of the content submission platform
    12 September 2019: Deadline for content listing in the Print Catalogue
    Deadline for submitting your projects to pitching & matchmaking sessions
    2 October 2019: Final deadline to submit content and videos in the Screenings Library

    Practical info

    Technical specifications for submitting your content in the Screenings Library

    If you are registered for MIPJunior and would like to purchase programme, project or IP credits, please contact us.

  • How does it work for buyers & commissioners?

  • View programmes, projects and IPs before, during and after MIPJunior with the Screenings Library, and discover the freshest kids’ content from around the world.

  • Step 1

    Before the show

    Step 1 buyers

    Programmes, projects, IPs listed in the print catalogue will be available online before the show so you can playlist the ones that interest you and start screening as soon as you arrive.

    Step 2

    During The Show

    Step 2 buyers

    Screen your playlist and make business deals with producers & distributors. Access screenings reports to keep track of your screening activity and contact right holders.

    Step 3

    After the show

    Step 3 buyers

    The Screenings Library is still available after the show! Catch-up made easy!

  • Key dates

    • 24 September 2019: Opening of the online catalogue to prepare your playlist
    • 12-13 October 2019: Discover and screen content in the Screenings Library.
    • End of October 2019: Opening of the online Screenings Library to catch up after the show

    Screenings Library - Tutorial

  • Testimonials

  • Fresh Content at MIPJunior 2019

    Here we highlight some of the international programmes available at MIPJunior.
    A glimpse on the premium content the MIPJunior Screenings Library has in store for you!

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